Umbilical Cord Clamp Clipper

Umbilical Cord Clamp Clipper

Model No.︰PP-MD1313

Brand Name︰PiPi Medical

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

Product Name :Umbilical Cord Clamp Clipper Cutting Scissors

Size :12*3.8CM

Color:Green,White(can be customized)

Material :POM+stainless steel blade

 * Designed to work with our Double-Grip Umbilical Cord Clamp, out Clipper safely cuts through the specially designed clamp hinge
   for easy removal from baby.
* Concealed cutting surface eliminates risk of sharp or pointed objects near baby.
* The clipper handles provide leverage to cut easily through the plastic cord-clamp.
* Single patient use only to prevent risk of cross-contamination.
* For Hospital Use Convenient for hospital personnel
* Non-sterile Convenient to use in a setting where sterility does not need to be maintained
* Disposable Eliminates the need for repetitive and costly sterilization required of stainless steel clamps. No chance of lost or
   mismatched parts that often render other clamps unsafe or unusable.
* Single Use Only

Payment Terms︰ TT,LC

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